Home Security Trends to Watch For in 2019

If you haven’t already invested in a home security system, it is high time you bought one. Even if you do have an alarm system, you will have to sooner or later replace it with a new monitoring system.

The modern security systems that are taking the place of conventional home alarms can help you control and monitor your home from anywhere you may be. In fact, you don’t even have to go looking for places that sell such systems. Most of them will contact you directly through home security leads.

Many home security companies that contact their prospects through home security leads have started coming up with innovative home security technologies. Some of the trends you can expect to see in the home security industry in 2019 include:

2 Way Voice Communication

Many times it becomes difficult to get your hands on your phone when there is an emergency at your home. A 2-way voice communication system takes care of such situations efficiently. All you need to do is activate your home alarm or the panic button and the monitoring personnel will begin communicating with you through the built-in speaker and microphone of the alarm system. Even if you are not able to convey your message, the professional will be able to hear the noises at your home, determine the kind of emergency you are facing, and send you the appropriate help within time. So, next time there is an intruder rummaging through your house, you can rest assured that your 2-way communication home alarm system will help your monitoring personnel notify the police immediately.

Crash & Smash Technology

Crashing and smashing the central control panel is the technique that many home invaders use to disarm home alarm systems. Nevertheless, the advanced crash and smash technology is designed to make your home crash and smash burglary-proof. Even if the intruder manages to destroy the central control panel, it will still work to protect you.

Video Surveillance & Live Streaming

Motion-triggered modern security cameras are active for 24 hours and send live alerts to warn homeowners about any suspicious activities happening in their homes. Many home security companies that get in touch through home security leads are coming up with more and more of such systems to offer utmost protection to people and their properties.

24-Hour Monitoring

Now you don’t have to worry about your alarm system getting switched off during electric failures, heavy rains, or floods. The latest home security systems are all battery-powered. They will keep working even if there is a power outage. The monitoring team works in batches, staying alert at all times and providing security round the clock.

Security Automation

If you thought home security and smart homes were two different concepts you are no longer right. The new era has merged both these concepts into one, calling it the security automation. By connecting the smart devices of your home through home automation you can now ensure complete security. One such security automation system is the smart plug which not only makes your home energy efficient but also helps you control your home, while you are on the go.


Geofencing is like creating a geographical boundary to arm or disarm your home security system. All you need to do is schedule your alarm system and all your instructions would be followed. There are different modes such as ‘Home,’ ‘Work,’ and ‘Away’ to choose from. Each of these comes with their own specialized settings.

In the near future, more such features will be added to the home security systems. So, before you finalize the deal with any home security company that comes to you via home security leads, make sure they have incorporated any or all of these features into their systems.

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